1. Mink Swimming Pools
    Uncommon Nasa

  2. Autonomy Music
    Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa

  3. Halfway
    Uncommon Nasa

  4. Cold War Era
    Uncommon Nasa

  5. New York Telephone
    Uncommon Nasa

  6. Hands of Gold Are Always Cold

  7. Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition)

  8. Land of the Way It Is
    Uncommon Nasa

  9. Hands of Gold Are Always Cold (Instrumentals)
    Uncommon Nasa

  10. The Early Life of ADAM
    Uncommon Nasa

  11. The Death of ADAM
    Uncommon Nasa x Waatu

  12. Lobotomy Music
    Short Fuze & Nasa

  13. Toxicology Music
    Short Fuze & Nasa

  14. Diversity
    Acid Reign

  15. Lobotomy Music Instrumentals
    Short Fuze & Nasa

  16. Dark Weapons (from Mars)
    Adam Warlock

  17. Uncommon Burners 2

  18. Uncommon Burners

  19. Technicolor Crime Scenes
    Atari Blitzkrieg

  20. Frequent Flyers
    Uncommon Nasa

  21. In Your Hands Now
    Short Fuze & Nasa

  22. Quadrofiendia
    Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku

  23. Dark Weapons (Acappellas)
    Adam Warlock

  24. Orange Military
    Uncommon Nasa

  25. Kiss Ass
    Acid Reign

  26. Uncommon Color Combinations Vol. 2
    Nasa Asan

  27. Tracks from the Abyss Vol. 1
    Acid Reign

  28. Little Brother
    Nasa & Eleven

  29. The Iomega Years
    Nasa aka Adam Warlock

  30. Transit
    Kitchen Khemistry

  31. Collector's Bey
    Masai Bey

  32. The Free* Remixes

  33. The Hollow Earth
    Agartha Audio

  34. Articles Of Mind
    Taiyamo Denku

  35. Uncommon Color Combinations Vol. 1

  36. Advanced Bloodbath (2001: ReIssue 2008)
    The Presence

  37. Free*

  38. From the Left

  39. C87
    Masai Bey & BMS

  40. Uncommon Records Presents...The New Art Underground (Mixed by Shortrock)

  41. Tales From The Cafetorium
    Dig Dug

  42. The Panacea Goldmind
    Masai Bey

  43. Who Stole New Orleans?
    The Presence

  44. We Are, Vol. 1: Uncommon Records Compilation

  45. Common Man's Anthems
    The Presence

  46. Members Only EP
    The Presence


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