Little Brother

by Nasa & Eleven

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Nasa & Eleven team up for this single finding Eleven digging through Nasa's archives for some heat to drop an A & B side to. Adam Warlock shows up on the mic as well on Apollo 11. A.M. Breakups delivers a banger in the remix to "Little Brother". All while Shortrock gets down on the ones and twos cutting up all kinds of verbage.


released February 11, 2011

Little Brother and Apollo 11 were Produced by Nasa for Uncommon Color Combinations (SESAC).

Little Brother (A.M. Breakups Remix) was Produced by A.M. Breakups.

Turntables on all 3 tracks by Shortrock.

Recorded by Eleven at Dream Cream Studios and by Nasa at Nasa Labs.

All tracks mixed by A.M. Breakups in the Sound Womb.

Mastered by Willie Green @ The Greenhouse.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Little Brother
Little Brother

split-second detection, sectioned in
image in correction, person in question
every major intersection there are lenses
checking expressions, check your expression
evidence discovered in a technicolor
recorded, collected, compressed & documented
part of my environment, eagle eye is spying in
I am being archived to hard drive
cameras in the hallways, cameras in the subways
every corner covered, every corner cornered
cameras in this store, cameras in this corridor
every corner covered, every corner cornered

key looks that trigger systems mission is
to profile & condition with precession it's
it's little brother doing his business
which is videotape rape prisoners witness this

& fear is cashing in because surveillance sells
man-made hell, trapped in surveillance cells
Patriot Act like tap the underground
& monitor you, you're on the monitor
I'm not talking about a camera in the black box
they can watch you from the camera in your laptop
listen closely because you're not even noticing
they'll turn it on remotely, this shit is ghostly
& they can hear all you're saying if you carry your phone
built-in GPS they can follow you home
every phone is a tracking device
tracking precisely where you at
see something, say something, see something
paranoia, paranoia, can't avoid the cameras
following optically, constantly haunting me
I'm getting the feeling somebody's watching me
every new message saved, every text message saved
every e-mail, every male, every female
fly on the wall, eye on the dollar
God, paranoia, it's little brother

key words that trigger systems listening
to what your mission is with no permission it's
it's little brother doing his business
which is audiotape rape prisoners listen in
Track Name: Apollo 11 (feat. Adam Warlock)
Apollo 11 feat. Adam Warlock

it's quite simple you write what comes into you
& then you let it out like it's the right thing to do
because it writes itself, it writes it for you
it's like a bicycle, i excel by myself I ride myself
check up by the shelf, there's a rhyme book there look
take your time & spell, spend the night, read it by yourself
because you'll never find a book that show you what flows
& that's what separates us from those
because they're opposed to growth but don't know
think they're supposed to act this way
when they're practically foes to hip-hop
they're just posers, they just pose
cup-of-joe-shmos, each bros a clone of his own no jokes
we know those jokes
temporary emperors in no robe clothes, over-dosed
spitting bars of candy; Pez dispensers
try & scam we once again but heads remember
should've stuck to Plan B
you're not a gang-leader, you're a cheater that gets robbed while gambling
yea that's lose-lose, stick to booze-booze
no Blue's Clue could help you choose which who's who or what's what
so confused, like "how you stay in high-definition but zoom-view?"
get your lenses corrected, i'm here to lend perspective
let's not pretend that the general consensus even gets the message
not mention that the sign reads WRONG DIRECTION half the time when it comes to rapping lines like
I've got a feeling what you're trying to sell to me is not appealing
stop selling me your CD dude you suck at music, no you suck at music
you fucking losers make me want to fucking lose it
& rap attack you black & blue & bruise up half you rapping doofs on some classing students for acting stupid

jokes don't float, dopes get capsized
one step for rap one giant step for rap-kind
most of these poser G's pass out by half-time
one step for rap one giant step for rap-kind
get rest you sleep and these dope emcees you won't find
one step for rap one giant step for rap-kind
we underground, that real, that you must find
one step for rap one giant step for rap-kind
one step for rap one giant step for rap-kind

Come correctly
Ain't nothing changed sonny

Adam Warlock-
I only wrote this for kids to sweat heavy, I sweat heavy
stomach empty, but beer belly
your blog ain't a blog, it's copy and paste trendy
if I did this for yall it'd be a message I'd waste sending
still here, never went away depending
on how much you fake jacks and stay pretending
Wizard Adam, I craft magic, I'm Raptastic
in '02 Nasa had this beat blasting
Many a famed rapper had it and skipped passed it
Now in one-one A-Dub and Eleven smash it
I've never been emo and never been dancing
My whole crew will tag your face and run off laughing
Uncommon is New York Prog Rap, our horseman's still standing
Established in '04, you stupid Rap bastards
Count us on both hands, that's longer then your super crew standards
We known on the coldest locations on the planet
I'm Adam, known as one of it's best rappers

One small step, One giant leap
Keep Your fucking mouth shut
Duplicate Rap Clones (repeat)