In Your Hands Now

by Short Fuze & Nasa

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    Single features "In Your Hands Now" with it's instrumental along with Nasa's Instrumental track "10 Thousand Dollar Bet". With Download only it also includes a 1 minute snippet of Short Fuze & Nasa's upcoming vinyl only 7" single "Odd Future b/w Breakdance for the Def".




The future is In Your Hands Now

The 2012 Presidential Election is only two weeks away and just like four years ago, the future is in our hands. While we can all agree that our government is far from ideal, the choice before us on Nov. 6 is simple and vital. We can vote to return Barack Obama to office and keep America moving forward or vote for Mitt Romney and look forward to an America where corporations and the super wealthy gain more and more power while the working class continues to struggle to get by. We live in an age where our media has a distinct interest in edging these elections closer and closer and it’s evident already that a great deal of people who supported Obama in the 2008 election are disillusioned to the point that they aren’t voting at all. This is dangerously misguided and short-sighted.

In response to the apathetic sentiment that plagues our nation, Uncommon Records is releasing a free single from Short Fuze & Nasa, “In Your Hands Now,” This track takes us back through Obama’s historic election in 2008 and how we changed America when we worked together and voted. Just like history was made when Obama was elected, his re-election this year could be known as the moment we banded together and tossed back the threats of those that sought to separate us with hate and sell us off for profit. The song pulls no punches, directly addressing the short memories of the electorate and the elephant in the room, race. This single also features an Instrumental b-side produced by Nasa called "10 Thousand Dollar Bet" which features cameos from Mitt Romney in his own words. The bonus that's included with the free download is a 1 minute snippet preview of Short Fuze & Nasa's upcoming vinyl only 7 inch. The limited edition orange vinyl single, Odd Future b/w Breakdance for the Def will be released in early 2013 and will be the first ever Uncommon release for the turntable.


released October 23, 2012

All tracks Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC. Cuts on "In Your Hands Now" by DJ Addikt. Written by A. Friday for ChiMil3 Publishing (ASCAP) and P. Loverro (Uncommon Color Combinations (SESAC). Artwork by DJ Jazzpants for Designer of Grafiks.



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Track Name: 10 Thousand Dollar Bet
Mitt Romney in his own words (all other quotes from film/tv):

What's going on here today? Look at this, this is terrific!

There's a perception that "oh he was born with a silver spoon and never had to earn anything" and so forth. And frankly, I was.

Corporations are people my friend, of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. (Of course they are 2x)

Corporations are people (3x)

I'm not sure about these cookies, they don't look made them. Did you make those cookies? You didn't, did ya? No, no. They came from the local uh (woman: bakery) 7-11 bakery or wherever.

I drive a Mustang and a uh, Chevy pick up truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs actually. (cadillacs))))

There are 47% of the people that will vote for the President no matter what. There are 47% who are with him, that are dependent on government. Who believe they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them. Who believe they are health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. But that, that's an entitlement, that government should give that to them.

And so my job, is not to worry about those people, I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

I like being able to fire people that provide services to me (2x)

My dad, as you probably know, was a, was the Governor of Michigan and the head of a car company. But he was born in Mexico, and umm, had he been born of Mexican parents I'd probably have a better shot at winning this.

I'll tell you what, ten thousand bucks? Ten thousand dollar bet? (Rick Perry: I'm not in the betting business).