Dark Weapons (from Mars)

by Adam Warlock

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Uncommon Records presents the debut (FREE) release from Adam Warlock, Dark Weapons (from Mars). Adam and his wife were the victims of an apartment burglary, causing every object that was left behind to be seen as a weapon for defense a week later. If you've ever been the victim of this sort of crime, you realize that normal items like that old baseball bat, the set of steak knives and that rusty hammer become your best friends when you're afraid of return visits.

Producer Nasa turned to music that could provide both the comfort level needed and the energy needed to capture what Adam was experiencing. For this, his source material was exclusively from The Mars Volta. Nasa and Adam, both being big fans of the group, were able to take TMV's music and turn it into something totally new, and directed it toward the stress of the situation at hand. There are no TMV remakes or tributes on this album, everything is original. TMV simply provided the paint that was used to illustrate a brand new work of art. The track Serpentine Steak Knives also features friends Subtitle and Elucid.

Throw in all the rage, sadness and shame that comes from near compliant neighbors and inept cops and you've got a compelling true life story. All of this eventually lead to Adam having to pick up and leave a neighborhood that he once loved. This album is a release of Adam's pent-up emotions from that incident. Dark Weapons is a powerful, personal, dramatic and passionate recording, and it's dedicated to all the victims in this world.


released July 21, 2011

All songs written by Adam Warlock for Uncommon Color Combinations (SESAC). Except track #3 which was written by Adam Warlock with Subtitle for Western Front (ASCAP) and Elucid for Facemelt Music (BMI).

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.

All samples used by Nasa for the creation of this album for Adam Warlock were from the work of The Mars Volta (thus the "from Mars" part). We are huge fans and thank them in absentia.

Package design and cover art by Michael Gerchak for www.designerofgrafiks.com.

UN-D28 / 2011 Uncommon Records



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Track Name: Chain Lockin'

Ch-Chain lock, the Earth stop, quick thoughts and quick fears of what it oughta be
Call the P-O-L-I-C-E
Quickly before the invisible escape
With what they take and make what's safe up for debate
Many just for the sake, create theories that's fake
Situations that never take place
The chain lock, the chain lock is broken!
First it's used against us and now it's broken?
These words unspoken, are the heaviest never said
Thank God you're not dead emblazoned in my head
Now I sleep with one eye open, cuz the chain lock is broken!
I swig a little beer, magic potion,
but these panicked waters run deep! so it's a tab in the ocean!


King of the phone call, peasant of the long haul - home
Seemingly a march of years
Literally and figuratively a trail of tears
I'm a prisoner of transit, I'd rather steer!
Because the chain lock is broken!
Locked from the inside, how'd you think we got the door open?
There's no sense hoping, only quick coping and obsessive noting
One part - life story
One part - inventory
How many hours until the morning?
No sleep until the daylights dawning
But a new day brings more of the same - unchanged
Catatonic and un-fazed
Searching for a way out of this notion
But can't because the chain lock is broken!

Track Name: Slugging Percentage
It's been a minute since I'm swinging for the fences
Choke up on the bat while I'm choked up full of tension
I'm not betting, that I'm alone
Checking every direction where a cat can roam
Open every closet door even the ones that make no sense
Eyes buried at the floor looking for footprints
After the fact dying to play some baseball
I'm like World War II, swing a bat and kill em all
Rat a Tat the tommy gun
Then Babe Ruth em just for fun
It's like swing, but not the music
Recycling these trees every time I use it

That's what's racing through my mind
I got the bat, hand over what's mine
The only way I feel safe
Shatter a bat through your face!

I gotta protect my life
I gotta protect my wife
5-0 is just the hysterical meeting the clerical
My list of what's tooken' includes several sentimental damages to mental health
A break in can be less then stealth when nobody helps
You'll stop stop snitching when you get snatched
Then an abundance of facts won't solve your case perhaps
With your land you were less then a lord
The bat sits on the shoulder, just like a sword
Displayed on the street for the neighborhood that saw
Now they all watch that Warlock can get raw

That's what's racing through my mind
I got the bat, hand over what's mine
The only way I feel safe
Shatter a bat through your face!

In my mind, I want to bash brains
In my mind, I'm going insane
In reality, they long gone
In reality, it's only a song
Where I really get to bash brains
In reality, I'm going insane
In my mind, I'm almost gone
So in my mind, I made this song

That's what's racing through my mind
I got the bat, hand over what's mine
The only way I feel safe
Shatter a bat through your face!
Track Name: Serpentine Steak Knives (feat. Subtitle & Elucid)
Adam Warlock:
I crack open the door (what you doing that for?)
So I can grab the steak knife I left by the door, raw
Meat, sneak, creep, seek
Thinking stab, stab, stab after every peek
The situation I'm facing not unlike others chasing
But still I'm not saying, just to be saying
You can get burned alive and if you survive
Get revived and stabbed until die with a steak knife
That's just my anger speaking, self defense mechanism
Slash that in favor of quick decisions and zen wisdom
My job I'm fulfilling allowing the door to be opened by villains I'm killing
My name's Adam Warlock but I'm also the Magus
Ready to strike with knife as soon as you say it
My attention is broke so I suggest that you pay it
My life's on that flight, there's no way to delay it

Two dudes tried to jack us back in '05 but it didn't happen
Because I have two steak knives, plus cold blood because I'm a rapper
They came through on Monday night, I can't tell you what they were after
One dude at my door and the other dude jumped from behind the tree
Looking like a black Jim Backus
Smacked him with and leaned against door and woke my roommate up
He fell off the couch and then words come up out his mouth
Cuz see the time is in slow motion and I'm trying to keep these robbers out
Go into the kitchen, number one I lock the back door
Then I grab two steak knives, now I'm feeling hardcore
Go back in the room, three, tell them to open the front door
Then they kick the door once more
And dip across the front yard
Jump into a car with a third behind the wheel waiting
With the motor running
And they barely got away
Then they came a week later
But they still couldn't break in, I hope they're in a shallow grave
Dating Satan, masturbating

Who's that peeking in my window?
Blowing soda can sized holes through your kinfolk
Still of night, brilliant flash, then silence
The sweetest sound, pull back the mask, he looks just like me
Pipe dream with shifting time, the tension rising, busting mine
Blood boil, panic, dump the bodies until the pigs arrive
Gowanus, Fresh Kills, load it down with cinder block
The foulest thoughts of malice, all the static, watch the weak get drowned
My head barely above water
No gamble in the land of the lawless, it's all slaughter
Murders without reporters
Desperate youngins follow orders
Pack of wolves, shafting fools, fiend to catch you snoring
Safety is illusion, leave the triple bolted doors
Gun blazing through my spot like I had coke under the floor
Tell me what you gonna do when they come for you and yours?
Track Name: Drop the Hammer
Thor gripped a hammer
My pops gripped a hammer
Now I grip a hammer
Step to the kid and get hammered
I said step to the kid and get hammered
Yo, yo, drop the hammer!

A hammer under the pillow is as good as a gun
A splatter cousin the issues understood when you stunned
My protector the cold steel without bullets
I don't have to aim, I just do it
Swing, swing, the blunt of the blade
Get up out of the crib, I'm not calling you aid
Careful with your blood, you caught a close shave
Dial 9-1-1, they will not save
They don't fight fires, they are not brave
Don't care about my stuff, just want you to pay
You took from me, the cops took my DNA
I'm in the system while you get away
I'm sure that's sort of funny until the hammer clasp
I see you running outside so I shatter glass
Couple of shots to your not knot not
Stumble in shock, what kind of hammer do I got?

Thor gripped a hammer
My pops gripped a hammer
Now I grip a hammer
Step to the kid and get hammered
I said step to the kid and get hammered
Yo, yo, drop the hammer!

Pounding a couple of nails, it's Home Depot
Improving my home against unknown evil
People bite tongues and never mention
Their detection and root cause for my seventh weapon
Each refreshing for 30 days until we get to stepping
A forced exit from the Port Richmond section
Once there's an entrance they've seen what we've been collecting
So a return visit might be interesting
And that's not a theory that's worth testing
Not about to partake in 24 hour protection
So we're forced out of a sometimes beautiful intersection
Arrival quarantined as if suffering infection
Room by room cleared with a hammer for inspection
And I'm ready to crack a jaw, with no second guessing

Thor gripped a hammer
My pops gripped a hammer
Now I grip a hammer
Step to the kid and get hammered
I said step to the kid and get hammered
Yo, yo, drop the hammer!
Track Name: The Missing Amethyst
It was a rarity in sheer beauty
Unique in it's own antiquity
Surrounded by jade in New York City
Giant ships and samurais placed it to be Asian
Japanese, one of your favorite places
A culture not of you, but uniquely you
With this ring I have captured you
Captured your heart and reached into your soul
We shall stare jointly at this amethyst as we grow old
We shared a dream that didn't stop
One day on a Blue Star mountaintop
A stop on a highway as our lives sped up
A memory of the simplicity and the electricity of when we first met up
(you know what)
I'm fed of explaining to those disinterested
Description and drawing to those not listening
Inscription, depiction, no effect on the decision
This investigations fiction
A false mission that suspended our wisdom and left us wishing
Failed from the start because our neighbors minded they're own business
You knew something was wrong, but didn't call, so which is it?
I don't even want to get into the details of how he or she failed
Because the amethyst is long gone, a victim of retail
Ka-Ching, register re-sale
These do nothings are a pestering detail
I side note diversion
My wife's quote, it hurts when
She even thinks about, talks about it, gets a call about it from the cops about it
They lost the sketch, don't even know about it
(what? Why'd they even have you go through the trouble drawing it then?)
I'm done with the fuzz, I'll just raise the funds
Because getting a ring back on your finger is a must
Pardon the gold, correct it with the silver
Repeat the amethyst cut into a heart maneuver
But the inscription a new one, one they can't take away never
Just one word needed, FOREVER.
Track Name: R.I.P. Port Richmond
I remember moving in like it was the United Nations
Several different races, familiar meeting places
Trusting each other like distant cousins
Pizza to go at Brothers
Beautiful love, waive to some of em, ignore others
A+ over the last hood that smothered
Buy a home here if I had my druthers
Not a lot of kids, but a lot of mothers
Fathers retired, not a lot of bugging
Cats on the corner smoked hookah outside, it was nothing
Neighbors with two teens moved out, that was something
Too many cops around here, I thunk when
I saw them set up the tower at the corner to watch for thugging
Maybe it was denial, infantile
Meanwhile all the while my work hours switched they style
My schedule being studied, it was wild
Move on or end up in a heap or a pile
Couldn't leave the Isle
But found peace away, less then a mile

(Close the Doors)
Time to break out, we not welcome here
(Close the Doors)
Find our way out, rebuild future years
(Close the Doors)
Went from neighbor to victim
(Close the Doors)
Rest in Peace, Port Richmond!

Spent the entire night wondering if I should even go get the Advance so we advance
It was a misty night with misty thoughts
A mystery unsolved, a mystery return
A mysterious concern
A lesson learned, a bridge burned
They pushed in the AC, it made a loud sound, no one said a thing though
Now there's wooden pegs jammed into each and every window
Each one when hammered screamed betrayal
If we didn't love Port Richmond so much, we wouldn't have felt failed
Moving was hard even though it made perfect sense
We were forced out, a matter of self defense
Hopping in that fence, they escaped with my love of location - that was bold
Warm enough outside, but inside it was cold
Instantly, old to the new, hit the road
People's eyes said "I told you so!", without even being told
Put that all in the rear view
It's clear like the tears through
Clear like rough waters steered through
Objects really do appear larger in the rear view
Especially in a UHaul, a depressing move
The sun set, day ended, returned to the last of it the next day around Noon
I can finally put the bat, knife and hammer down soon
I finally left the hood that made me a fool!

(Close the Doors)
Time to break out, we not welcome here
(Close the Doors)
Find our way out, rebuild future years
(Close the Doors)
Went from neighbor to victim
(Close the Doors)
Rest in Peace, Port Richmond!